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We need to get your phone's location to identify the gantries you've passed by.


Your safety is a priority!

Register your debit/credit/virtual card or choose MB or MB Way to pay the tolls from your journeys with your phone! Your data will always be protected!


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Didn't hear about us, yet? Give us an opportunity. Satelise is available for IOS and Android.

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Appify tolls!

Forget about complex toll payment methods. Pay your tolls easily and instantly with your phone!

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Satelise has arrived! The app that allows you to pay tolls!

Satelise is a new way to pay tolls that you can try on the A22 and A28 motorways!

You’ve probably have traveled a lot through these motorways, but never like this! Be a pioneer and that wait for somebody else to tell you about it!

Who said paying tollsshould be complicated?

Now you can pay tolls with your phone!
Register, add your data, activate the GPS and you’re good to go!
Enjoy more your journeys and forget about the rest!

It’s now available a new warning system on Satelise!

With this feature, that is being tested, we warn you about traffic and incidents on road so you can drive safely to your destination.

This information comes from a motorway information platform of the Portuguese motorways, as a result of the Project C-Roads, co-financed by the European Union.

*Vialivre is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in these warnings.

How do I get Satelise?


Download the APP and register


Choose your payment method.


Add your vehicles.


Validate your account through your email and that is it.

Where is Satelise available?

With Satelise you will be able to pay tolls with your phone on the A28 (Norte Litoral) and on the A22 (Via do Infante, Algarve).

The A28 connects the North of Portugal to the city of Oporto. It goes from Caminha – Viana do Castelo to Oporto.

Norte Litoral A28

The A22 motorway connects the entire region of Algarve from the west to east, connecting Portugal with Spain.

Via Do Infante A22

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