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Registration and profile edition

Check on your spam folder or verify that you’ve registered with the correct email. Or get in touch with us, we will be happy to assist you.

Of course! Just go to your account, edit your data and at the bottom you can change your card or change between the card and MB/MB Way payment methods.

No! It’s just a verification, we make a 1 cent transaction and as soon as we get an OK from the bank, we send it right back. It might take a few days, but it’s due to the card issuer, not our end.

Sure! Just edit your profile and you can add or remove the vehicles that you want.

How does it work?

This issue is always created by the smartphone. To solve this issue, follow these tips:
• The phone can’t be on the saving battery setting.
• Go to app settings, select Satelise and allow it to work in the background or remove the battery optimization setting for this app.
• If you don’t find this option, just go to the battery settings, to applications, find Satelise and remove the battery optimization setting.
There might have other ways, since it depends on the brand and version of your operative system.

No, Satelise is a pilot project that is currently available on the A28 and A22.

Yes, on your profile you can add all the vehicles that you need, but if it is already registered on another Satelise you won’t be able to add it at that moment. To do so, the user that had it on his account must remove it first.

No, the app works with geolocation data that your GPS provides. So, you just need to have the location services from your phone active and start the journey on the app.

Even if you run out of battery during your journey Satelise will register it, as long as it has register one gantry. You can check on the “Transits” page if the app has registered any gantry during your journey. So, having battery on your smartphone is a must.

There’s no problem! What you must do is start the app before your journey, if you forget to end it there is no problem, after 4 hours it will end automatically.

You should always start the app before driving for safety purposes, but if you are travelling with someone else, that person can start the journey halfway. This is what might happen:
• If Satelise doesn’t register any gantries during that journey, this journey will be collected by the usual methods.
• If Satelise registers at least one gantry during that journey, it will gather the remaining gantries from that journey, and it will be billed through Satelise.

Yes, the app needs an internet connection to work properly, but if you travel through a dead zone don’t worry, the app won’t stop working.

Sure! If you activate the app, your journey will be billed through Satelise, if you don’t, the journey will be billed through Via Verde.


Yes, both the app and registration are free of charge! Although, there are costs for using Satelise that are defined by law for tolling post-payment systems. To the toll fees, accrues an administrative cost of 0,32 € for each journey made, with a weekly limit of 2,56€.

Just go to your profile and there you can choose to pay with card or MB and MB Way. To choose the latter, just delete the card that you have registered and that is it!

No, to reduce the administrative costs on your end, Satelise groups the journeys you have made from Monday until Sunday and bills them on the next Tuesday.

If you chose to pay with MB and MB Way, on that Tuesday you will receive an email reminding you to pay for your journeys. To do so, you will just have to go to the app and there you will have a MB reference and a place to insert your MB Way number.

When we get a refusal from the card issuer, we try on the following week again and if at that moment we get another refusal from the card issuer, these journeys will no longer be able to be paid through Satelise. Regarding MB and MB Way, we give the users a week to pay their journeys, so once the it expires, they will no longer be able to be paid through Satelise.

Contact us through your account, on the menu “Message” or through email ajuda@satelise.pt, so that our team can help you!

Contact us through your account, on the menu “Message” or through email ajuda@satelise.pt so that our team can help you!

Contacts and data processing

Contact us through your account, on the menu “Message” or through email ajuda@satelise.pt so that our team can help you!

Your personal data will be stored and processed with the sole purpose of the proper functioning of Satelise. For more information, check our Privacy and cookie policy.
The data regarding the card payment method are stored by PAGAQUI. This entity is the responsible for storing and processing it for the payments made on Satelise.


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